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 I understand as a result of a recent conviction you may be expecting a suspension to your driver’s license. It is important you involve me early in this process. Please allow me to introduce myself … my name is Vance Webster. You will find I will remove the fear of “high risk” insurance and make this as easy as possible for you.Seattle, & Bellevue, WA SR 22 Insurance
Since 1973 it would be impossible to estimate how many people I have helped just like you; certainly in the thousands.  When the worst happens in your life I would suggest there are three people you’ll call: your doctor, your attorney and your insurance agent.
I would encourage you to consider a methodical approach towards your insurance. We know the SR22 Filing is required for 3 years and accidents and major convictions are rated on your insurance for 5 years. Let me help you reduce the penalty period from 5 years to 3 years.
Please have your most current auto and home insurance policies available when you call. Or, if you’d please take a moment and fax or email me a copy of that policy I can then begin working on your insurance alternatives.  Please also provide the dates of birth of all licensed operators in the household as well as any additional driving activity in the previous 35 months.

Since 1973 my goal has been to provide my Customers better service than they expect. You will come to depend on me for fast, fair, friendly service and always with integrity. To exceed your expectations for service I answer my phone in the evenings and weekends. Please don’t hesitate to call and of course your email is always welcome too.    
Thank you,